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A few professional development tools for DNP students

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As a doctor of nursing practice student, you have embarked on a life-long journey of learning. In addition to the many resources found on campus and through your classes and professors, there are a variety of other tools for professional development that you may find helpful. Below are just a few of these resources:

 Blogs and Websites

Advance Healthcare Network for NPs and PAs: This website features current news for nurse practitioners, and also features specialized blogs and resources applying directly to NPs and DNPs, such as Advance for NPs and PAs Blog, DNP Discussions and the DNP Resource Center.

American Association for Nurse Practitioners (AANP): Here you will find current, evidence-based research in the form of reports, articles, publications, press releases and the latest nurse practitioner articles featured in the news.

Health and Medicine Division of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine: This is an excellent source for the latest studies and reports in medicine. Though some of their publications require a fee, they have many free resources available or free online versions of articles and publications that can be viewed or downloaded.


In a Health eCareers article, Board-Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and DNP, Melissa DeCapua, shares what she finds to be the most-useful apps for nurse practitioners, some of which include:

Stanford Guide: Updated monthly to include the latest research findings, this app also features syndromes categorized by infection site, pathogen, prevention measures and more. Additionally, it includes built-in dosing calculators and links to external peer-reviewed medical journals.

Electronic Preventative Services Selector: This app includes the latest recommendations from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, with the ability to search by patient demographics such as age, sex and risk factors.

UpToDate: This app acts as an educational tool not only for the DNP, but for the patients as well, providing over 1,500 printable handouts on evidence-based information, and features clinical practice guidelines, medical calculators, a drug interaction checker, and links to full-text research articles.

 Networking Events

AANP, Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (PCNP), Nurse Practitioners of Central Pennsylvania, and others, are constantly posting upcoming conferences, meetings, lecture series and workshops available to DNP students. Some of these events include PCNP Annual Conference, which was held in Lancaster, PA this year, AANP Health Policy Conference, AANP National Conference, and more.

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