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Three Networking Tips for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students

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Although knowledge, skill and experience are most important in obtaining a job in the healthcare field, there are some extra steps Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students can take in making professional connections.

These connections open the door to continued learning through shared research and articles, mentorship opportunities, job openings and so much more.

Here are three tips for successful networking in the world of healthcare:

  1. Treat everyone you meet as a valuable connection

Never underestimate someone’s networking value. Whether they are in the healthcare industry or not, striking up conversations with people about their experience or their profession can always open doors to further professional connections.

Always remember, networking is a two-way-street. As you gather contacts and build connections, be sure to offer up any existing contacts you have who may be able to help that person as well or offer to introduce them.

  1. Take advantage of online networking sites

With over 1.5 million healthcare professionals currently using LinkedIn, this networking tool is a great resource for DNP students to make connections with other professionals in the field, view recent job offerings, and highlight their personal accomplishments and references for recruiters to see.

Apart from making one-on-one connections, LinkedIn also provides many groups created with the specific purpose of fostering interactions among different types of healthcare professionals. Some valuable groups for DNP students to join on LinkedIn include:

  1. Attend nursing conferences and other networking events

There are many ways to take advantage of opportunities to connect with other professionals in your field, whether through an alumni event hosted by your alma mater, a luncheon or mixer put on by the hospital you currently work at, or a state-wide conference organized by professional nursing associations.

DNP’s have the opportunity to participate in a variety of face-to-face networking events in Lancaster, Reading, Allentown, and all across Pennsylvania through local chapters of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, such as Lancaster County NPs, Lehigh Valley NP Association, Nurse Practitioners of Central Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Area NP Group.

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