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Handle with care: What nursing students need to know about Intradermal injections

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Medical mnemonics for nursing students

While it might be difficult to learn how to administer an Intradermal injection, it’s an essential technique for a nurse to master.

This injection is delivered into the dermis, or the skin layer underneath the epidermis. Medication injected into the dermis is absorbed slowly because of this skin layer’s limited blood supply. It can be delivered using either normal-sized needles or devices specially designed for intradermal injection.

An intradermal injection is commonly given for diagnostic purposes, such as allergy or tuberculosis testing, however, it can also be used for vaccinations.

According to this article published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, some of the potential benefits of intradermal delivery of vaccines may have advantages over other types of   vaccinations including:

  • An improved immune response to vaccine
  • A potential reduction of the antigen dose
  • Decreased anxiety and pain

The main considerations regarding injections are the route, site, techniques and equipment. It is also important to use proper hygiene and provide considerate patient care. It can be helpful to review this checklist to review the proper procedure to administer intradermal injections.

For nursing students who want to review what professors have taught regarding administering intradermal injections, this video is helpful:

Practical experience is essential to developing the skills to administer patient care in a comforting and effective way.  Nursing students at Alvernia learn their skills through practice and under the guidance of faculty with hands-on expertise. The foundations of professional nursing skills courses include clinical simulation experience while upper level courses include clinical practice hours to ensure those who graduate from Alvernia nursing programs are confident in their skills.

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