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Five ways RNpedia can help nursing students

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Everyone agrees that there is no ‘typical’ nursing student. Some students enroll in a nursing program right after graduating from high school. Others earned an RN degree years ago and return to the classroom for a BSN degree. Then there are those who have switched careers and decided to become a nurse after working in another field.

One thing they all have in common, however, is a quest for knowledge.

Here’s a review of one website, that provides nursing students with useful information for various steps in their career path.

  1. Need help studying? In a perfect world you would always have a friend available to help you study. The Tools & Apps page is the next best thing. Here you will find nursing abbreviations, medical prefixes and suffixes, common drugs and their antidotes, medical terminology and much more. You can choose the study mode and even test yourself on each section.
  2. Looking for healthcare news? The homepage features up-to-date news plus articles that cover everything from the role of certified nurse-midwifes, to the debate on if cloth masks can be dangerous to your health, to what it takes to become a school nurse and much more.
  3. Preparing for the NCLEX exam? The NCLEX exam page lets you pick a practice mode, a text mode or a timed exam mode that provides your grade at the end. This page has practice tests for RN, PN, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Leadership, Management, Bioethics and Research, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Pharmacology and Foundation of Nursing.
  4. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Click on the quotes tab when you need an encouraging word. Quotes such as: “They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel,” by Maya Angelou or “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it,” by Art Williams are mixed with nursing images to provide some helpful motivation.
  5. Need reminders to take care of your own health? Again, the homepage has advice on getting enough sleep when working the night shift, health ideas for breakfast and even vacation ideas.

Alvernia is just like RNpedia in that the university’s nursing programs are designed to meet the needs nurses at various stages of their professional life by offering a bachelor of science in nursing, a RN to BSN program and a master of science in nursing degree.

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