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Top five ways nursing students can deal with stress

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Nursing studentNursing students face many stressors as they balance school work and other personal commitments. With all that is going on in their busy lives, it’s critical for them to also commit to taking care of themselves.

Here are five ways undergraduate students can survive stress and get through nursing school.

Have a Study Plan

Courses and clinical rotations can place a heavy demand on nursing students. Creating a realistic study plan helps students keep on track with their coursework, deadlines, exams and other nursing school activities. Students can also use their study plan to help prepare for time outside of school by scheduling study around work and family. Not only can students become more organized, they hold themselves accountable for all the priorities in their lives.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating habits are a must. Pack a lunch of nutritious foods to maintain health and energy during busy school days. Although it is recommended to follow a personalized eating plan that your doctor has approved of, general guidelines that work for most people include drinking plenty of water and choosing whole foods with an emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Pace Yourself

Nursing students get a glimpse of what their workload will be like at the beginning of each term. This is the time when they can set goals and prioritize various aspects of their responsibilities. By setting the pace at the start, students can overcome stress by keeping on top of their workload.

Take a Holistic Approach to Health

While nursing school provides plenty of intellectual exercise, it’s important for students to keep their bodies and emotions in tip-top shape also. Taking care of others should not come at the expense of taking care of themselves. Students should make time for exercise, recreation, relaxation and activities that fulfill their spiritual and emotional lives.

Nursing student on campus, Reading, PAEnjoy the College Experience

College is one of the best times in many people’s lives. Students should continuously remind themselves of the big picture – they are embarking on fulfilling and respected careers in nursing – while at the same time remembering to explore the fun activities available to college students.

All universities know some of their students will occasionally need help dealing with stress and offer ways to help. For example, nursing students who become overwhelming at any point in their academic career, can visit the Alvernia Health & Wellness Center. Learning how to deal with stress is just one of the many reasons students seek out counseling support. Talking to an unbiased third party can help a student gain perspective and get back on track.

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