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Helpful Tips for Nursing Students: Web Clipping Tools and Apps

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It’s impossible to graduate from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program without spending many hours doing research. To help with this effort, we’ve compiled a brief guide of useful web clipping software and apps for researching and writing academic papers.

Organizing Notes

Whether in class, lecture or lab, nursing students have to digest a lot of information. Instead of exhausting themselves scribbling down talking points and information on a whiteboard, they can use note-taking software such as Evernote. This software is multifunctional; a note can be a text, a web page or excerpt, photo, audio recording or handwritten using an app. Notes in Evernote can be organized into folders, searched and formatted for presentations.

Web Research

There is a tremendous amount of information available online. How does one keep up with it all?

Developers have answered this question with apps designed to provide users with flexibility in e-reading, web research and sharing online. There are a number of apps that allow students to save and later read content from the web. These apps also allow a person to seamlessly go back and forth between computers, tablets and phones to access the information they saved.

Diigo is a social bookmarking web site that gives subscribers the ability to bookmark and tag web pages. Additionally, users can highlight parts of a web page. Highlighting articles and web content is also a feature of Instapaper. In Instapaper, selected information automatically goes to a Highlights folder that keeps a running list of everything a user stores. This info can be shared, with notes added, on social media. Similarly, Pocket users also get to the meat of content by trimming off the navigation, ads and images that accompany web articles.

Reviewing and Editing

The review process is greatly improved when feedback and notes can be gathered efficiently. A.nnotate allows users to use mark-ups, highlights, and notes to web pages and documents. It’s good for those seeking to make highly detailed revisions and be able to keep track of comments and edits. Features include private storage for documents and notes, indexing of documents and notes with searching and sorting by tag, author and note text, and notifications about changes to shared folders and documents.

Putting things in order and getting organized is a must-have skill for academic life. Students are encouraged to find the system that works best for them.

Note: We are not endorsing any of these products, just providing ideas on some available digital tools that can help you save time and stay organized.

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