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Smartphone apps perfect for nursing students

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Anyone enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program knows how beneficial it can be to squeeze studying into spare moments scattered throughout the day. Waiting for a bus? Scan your notes.  One class ends fifteen minutes early? Spend that time studying for tomorrow’s exam. This sounds like a good strategy, until you find yourself with free time but no books. That’s where your smart phone becomes invaluable.

Here are a few apps that nursing students will find useful:

nursing drug handbookNursing Drug Handbook

Providing excellent care for patients requires knowing endless details on medications. The Nursing Drug Handbook app provides complete monographs for more than 3,300 generic and trade drugs—including essential details on 24 NEW drugs—with important nursing considerations for each and every one in the completely updated and redesigned Nursing Drug Handbook app.

nursing app for bachelors studentsMini Nurse Lite

Perfect for nursing students, the Mini Nurse Lite app reviews medical terminology, medical abbreviations, medical suffixes and prefixes, calculators, lung and heart sounds, subcutaneous injections sites and much more.

anatomy app for nursing studentsAnatomy

There are several anatomy apps for iPad, Android and iPhone that may be helpful to nursing bachelor’s students. Essential Anatomy 4  or Pocket Anatomy  are two potential options; each use 3D technology to teach general anatomy. You can also find detailed body-part specific apps that can be helpful when you need to concentrate on different parts of the body.

chemistry app for nursing studentsPeriodic Table of Elements

The Elements: A Visual Exploration is a highly interactive version of the Table that works like an ebook. Tap on any element on the table and high definition images of their make up — as well as everyday items containing each element — come up with explanations in rich detail.

periodic table appFor a more simplified option, Periodic Table of the Elements is good to have on hand while working in the lab or studying for a chemistry exam. You can select each element and view its traits, such as chemical family, boiling and melting points and its state (solid, liquid or gas).

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