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Here’s what behavioral health majors need to know about the human brain

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If you’re majoring in Behavioral Health, you might have an interest in the mysteries of the human brain, if only to figure out what motivates a person. After all, it’s the brain that controls behavior, holds memories, regulates emotions and plays so many other vital functions.

It’s often been said that, “humans only use 10 percent of their brains.” In fact, that’s the plotline of the new Scarlett Johansson film, Lucy: A woman taps into that other 90 percent of her mental capacity through an experimental drug, giving her heightened perception and learning ability… she becomes super human.

But, is it really true that 90 percent of a person’s brain is unused?  According to Psychology Today, that’s a complete myth.  As Johns Hopkins School of Medicine neurologist Barry Gordon says, “We use virtually every part of the brain, and [most of] the brain is active almost all the time.”

If you’d rather learn brain facts, this article reviews twelve facts from the book, Brain Rules. Here are a few that might help you raise your GPA:

  • Exercise boots brain power
  • Every brain is wired differently
  • Repeat to remember
  • Remember to repeat
  • If you sleep well, you’ll think well
  • Stressed brains don’t learn the same way
  • Vision trumps all other senses
  • Male and female brains are different

To learn more about the brain, take an animated tour of the human brain by watching this fascinating video the University of Bristol:

If you want to put your brain to work helping others, earn a Behavioral Health degree from Alvernia University in Reading and you’ll be prepared to work in addiction studies, mental health or child welfare.

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