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Career tips for RNs pursing their BSN degree

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Everyone knows when a registered nurse (RN) returns to school for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, it opens the door to an array of career possibilities. If you are currently working as an RN, there are habits you can cultivate now that can help advance your career even before you complete the degree.

A recent article on the scrubs website, shares a few of these habits. If you don’t have time to read the entire article, here are a few of the attributes of successful nurses:

  1. They Practice Patience: It’s easy to lose patience when it’s hectic but rushing leads to potentially harmful mistakes.
  2. They Think Like Leaders: Cultivate strong leadership skills even if their job description does not give them official authority over others. There is no limit on how far this leadership can go!
  3. They Communicate Well: One of the most important keys to good communication is choosing to listen instead of dominating a conversation. Also, good communicators know how to guide a conversation by asking the right questions.
  4. They Educate Others: Education is key in preventive care, and nurses who take the time to talk to patients about their vital statistics, habits, etc. play a huge role in getting people to think about their life practices and perhaps make adjustments. Helping people make wise choices saves money for medical facilities and improves the quality of life for patients.

After earning a BSN, many nurses eventually return to school to pursue an advanced degree necessary to move into administration, educate other nurses, or to become a nurse practitioner. Check out the ADVANCE 2014 Nursing Education special edition to learn how education can help you expand your nursing career.

Nursing offers numerous career options and the RN to BSN program at Alvernia University in Reading, PA is the first step to move into a variety of nursing careers.

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