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Can Obamacare change the direction of U.S. healthcare?

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The United States ranks last in a new report that considers the efficiency and quality of healthcare systems in 11 industrialized nations. (Pennsylvania’s overall rank is 29 out of 50.)

The analysis by the Commonwealth Fund found that despite spending more money, the U.S. healthcare system was the most inefficient and Americans have the hardest time affording care they need.

It said the U.S. spent $8,508 per person on healthcare in 2011. By comparison, the United Kingdom spent only $3,406 per person and ranked higher than the U.S. in providing safe and quality care.

“It’s fairly well accepted that the U.S. is the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but many continue to falsely assume that we pay more for healthcare because we get better health (or better health outcomes). The evidence, however, clearly doesn’t support that view,” says Dan Munro of Forbes.

Many attribute the United States’ poor rankings with its lack of universal coverage and single-payer system.

Some do believe, though, that Obamacare could help clean up our healthcare system by providing insurance to citizens who never had it before, narrowing healthcare inequities that will allow more people to take care of themselves, reducing costs over time.

What do you think about the U.S. rankings in healthcare? And do you believe that we will ever fix it?

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