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Alvernia’s Healthcare Science degree opens many professional doors

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When students think of healthcare careers, their thoughts often drift toward the obvious positions, such as doctor, physical therapist or nurse. And while those are fantastic choices, many students still want to help others but aren’t quite sure what profession is right for them. That’s why Alvernia started its Healthcare Science program – a choose-your-own adventure type of bachelor’s degree.

Our Healthcare Science program is an excellent opportunity for students at all levels, including transfers, adult learners and new applicants. Students with associate’s degrees as occupational therapy assistants, physical therapy assistants, medical imaging professionals, dental hygienists and respiratory therapists are encouraged to apply.

“There’s just so much you can do with a Healthcare Science degree,” says Tom Porrazzo, Alvernia’s Healthcare Science program director.

Students who enroll in Healthcare Science take an intro course that either helps them decide on a right-fit healthcare career or steers students, who have a better idea of what they want to do, closer to their professional goals by helping to find the classes necessary to hone their specialties.

One current student decided that occupational therapy was not the road she wanted to head down anymore. So she spoke with Tom about her goals and decided to tailor her Healthcare Science degree so that she can become a dance therapist upon graduation.

Another student’s very personal experience with her mother’s cancer motivated her to design her major so that she can become a successful health advocate when she graduates, helping patients navigate the paperwork, red tape and communication difficulties that are unfortunate burdens of fighting life-threatening diseases.

And some students still aren’t sure. But discovering your life’s passion is what Healthcare Science and its intro course are all about. As all students who take the intro course are unsure, they are partnered with a career counselor to receive expert advice on the opportunities available to healthcare professionals.


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