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Nursing Next: RN to BSN student warns nurses of getting stuck in a rut

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Today’s blog post in our Nursing Next section features our RN to BSN student, Kim Miller.

Why did you decide to pursue a BSN?

I decided to return to school at the coaxing of my friend co-workers. My employer offers educational assistance and with the deferment it has been financially possible for me to return to school. While not yet mandatory, there seemed to be an active push at work to obtain the BSN. I did not want to find myself left behind.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting in this career path?

Try to absorb all you can without driving yourself crazy with anxiety about it. Try new fields as much as possible, so you don’t get stuck in a rut as I did.

Please share an example of a time when you were able to apply something you’d learned in class to your current job.

The ethics class was helpful, because I wrote a paper about when a patient refuses basic nursing care. I serve on the informatics team at work, so the areas I researched in the informatics class helped as well. In fact, I even came across an article for class that I passed on to our head pharmacist regarding U500 insulin, which we happened to be addressing at the time.

What is an academic skill (writing, oral communication, critical thinking) you believe every nurse should possess, no matter what stage in his or her career?

Critical thinking is the most important skill you can have. Oral communication ties in closely with that because you need to accurately deliver your assessment to the MD over the phone a lot of times. You are their eyes and ears.

In what areas of nursing practice have you worked?

Skilled nursing-mostly dealing with the over 60 population.

How long have you been in nursing?

Nearly 30 years if you include my time as a nurse aid; 32 years if you count when I volunteered at the hospital and worked on the patient-care floors as a volunteer.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I never thought I would be doing this. Other than financing I was mostly concerned about how much time would be required to accomplish earning my degree. The time commitment is greater than I anticipated, but so far I am doing better than I did during my quest for my ADN.

2 responses to “Nursing Next: RN to BSN student warns nurses of getting stuck in a rut”

  1. Debbie Greenawald says:

    Interesting blog! This first time I’ve had a chance to check it out (thanks to our “snow day”!?). I am very mindful, as I sit here and peruse what has been written on this blog, that there are thousands of healthcare providers (go NURSES) who haven’t had a choice but to report to work, by whatever means they could, during the winter storms we’ve had this year. I applaud them all, and say THANK YOU.

    • Healthcare Alvernia says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog, Debbie. Let us know if there are other topics you’d like to see us cover, and we’ll be happy to get in touch.

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