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Why I am getting my RN to BSN

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Many RN to BSN programs are charged with appealing to RNs who are interested in advancing their careers with a BSN. And, of course, at Alvernia we want to provide appealing content, program information and a mission that implores RNs to take that next step. But the one thing we can’t do is tell you why you should get your BSN.

So we asked some of our current RN to BSN students why they made the decision to attain their BSN. Here are some of their responses:

“Having a BSN will become the base entry level for nurses. I have been an RN for over 20 years and felt that is was time for me to advance my education.”

“I decided to return to school at the coaxing of my co-workers. My employer offers educational assistance and with the deferment plan it has been financially possible for me to return to school. While not yet mandatory, there seemed to be an active push at work to obtain the BSN. I did not want to find myself left behind.”

“I need my BSN to advance in my current department.”

“To further advance my career and to meet all of my expectations and dreams as an RN and soon as a BSN.”

“I finally hit a time in my life when I had the time and wanted to do it for myself.”

“My workplace was paying for my education and nursing is heading in the direction that all nurses will be required to have their BSN … and I still have many more years in nursing left!”

“I have always wanted to further my education and this is a stepping stone for earning my master’s degree.”

“I pursued a BSN to broaden my nursing education as well as broaden my career choices within nursing.”

“Without a BSN, I am very limited as to career opportunities. In addition, my daughter is a nursing major and will be graduating with her BSN this spring — that was more than enough motivation for her mother.”

“To further my career in nursing and to help educate students in the field or nursing.”

You may be able to relate with some of the answers given above. But whether educational, personal, financial or other, the choice to advance your education with an RN to BSN from Alvernia University must be made by you.

Tell us why you decided to enroll or are considering enrolling.

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