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Mother-daughter nursing team conquer RN to BSN together

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Nicole and Diane Franken of Reading Hospital knew that enrolling in Alvernia’s RN to BSN program wouldn’t be easy, but Nicole (daughter) and Diane (mother) relied on one another for the necessary support to overcome the program’s more difficult classes.

rn to bsn students“It makes it a lot easier to keep going through the program,” says Nicole about the experience of taking classes with her mother. “I know I always have someone there to support me, and [someone] who knows what I’m going through.”

Their relationship even provided some classroom levity, according to Nicole. “The instructors are never sure whether we are related or not, which we find funny.”

Diane shares Nicole’s perspective on the benefits of having a friendly face in almost all of her classes. “I enjoy taking classes with Nicole. I am always guaranteed to know at least one person in the class and will always have a partner for projects. It is nice to be able to figure things out together. She brings a different perspective to the subjects that we study.”

Of course every family relationship hits speed bumps every now and then. Asked what was most difficult about working with her daughter, Diane responds, “Her procrastination! We always work together on projects, and it stresses me out to wait until the last minute. But she always comes through with high grades!”

Though both Nicole and Diane don’t have any immediate career-change plans for after graduation, they certainly know the benefits of obtaining a BSN. “I know that getting my BSN will open many doors for me as a professional. I knew that when I graduated with my diploma in nursing that I wanted to get my BSN eventually, so I am almost done fulfilling that goal! My mom was actually the one who put the ball in motion and suggested we go sit down with Alvernia admissions.”

They both have a lot to be proud of, but nothing can compare to the pride a mother has for her child.M

“It makes me proud to tell people that my daughter is also a nurse and that we are going to school together,” says Diane.

Nicole and Diane are scheduled to graduate with their BSN degrees in December of 2014.

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