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More male nurses means more male RN to BSN students

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Despite women comprising a little over 90 percent of the 3 million registered nurses in America, male nurses are in high demand.

Kurt Edwards of Detroit is a prime example.

A former paratrooper and grocery worker, Edwards told The New York Times that he “wrote it off as woman’s work at first, he realized he was getting a bit old for manual labor. So he returned to school … Once he finished, the Sheffield Manor administrator, LaKeshia Bell, pretty much hired him on the spot. ‘They are like a hot commodity,’ she said. ‘A male presence actually helps us in the facility.’ At 5 feet 9 inches tall and 220 pounds, Mr. Edwards lifts patients as easily as he stacked boxes.

And it’s not just first-year nurse programs that are attracting men. message board entitled The Guys Club features an excited post by an Alvernia University RN to BSN student:

“Count me in too. I recently earned an Associates degree from the local community college where I earned my pre-req credits. I was recently accepted to the nursing program at Alvernia University. Man what a rush, It’s gonna be great going to a 4 year school and finishing up my BSN. Been an EMT for almost 6 years and this is something I now wish I had done from the start. The only thing that seems to get me down right about now is the bill for the school. Thank god for financial aid!”

Stigmas of male nursing are fading as more and more men begin to see the upward mobility of the profession.

Peter Buerhaus, a professor of nursing at Vanderbilt University, said he believes the social stigmas associated with men in nursing are disappearing. He also thinks the economic benefits are attracting more males to the field.

“We saw the nation lose hundreds of jobs during the recession, but health care grew in the number of jobs it produced, and nursing played a huge part,” Buerhaus said. “People notice that when they come out of high school, there’s no longer a negative stigma.”

Enrolling in RN to BSN in Reading, Pottsville, Pottstown and Philadelphia gives today’s nursing professionals a competitive advantage. Alvernia nursing classes are delivered in a semester long or 8-week class format, scheduled throughout the year in a blended online/face-to-face format — one day per week of on-site instruction.

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