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Behavioral Health degrees better students and communities

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Yasiris Martinez of Wyomissing received her degree in criminal justice from Alvernia as an undergrad, but a recent story highlighting her wonderful contribution to the community showcases the type of work Alvernia Behavioral Health students can look forward to upon graduation.

Martinez works at KidsPeace, where she provides “therapeutic services for children facing crisis and hardship in their lives.”

Martinez explains her role to the Reading Eagle, “When I wake up, I know that I will be impacting a child’s life. Whether it be a 10-minute talk or a wave in the hallway, I know that it will make a change. Some of these children don’t have the chance to experience genuine, positive human interaction, so I use every moment I have to show them that it is OK to relax and smile sometimes.”

People with Martinez’s skills and compassion are invaluable to communities and their neglected children.

Reports of child abuse in Berks County have been steadily rising, leaving Reading and its surrounding areas requiring more caring individuals who will be advocates for children who suffer maltreatment.

Despite the negative experiences Behavioral Health professionals may face, impacting a child’s life positively is worth it for the right person.

“Whether it was a note on my desk from a student thanking me for taking them on a walk or a phone call from a parent telling me that their son has made significant improvements, it has all been a memorable experience for me,” says Martinez.

Alvernia’s Behavioral Health degree with a child welfare concentration prepares graduates to be impactful leaders in the field. Child Welfare students learn the essential knowledge to address the problem of child maltreatment, abuse and neglect investigation, in-home services, out-of-home placement, adoption, and parenting education.

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