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Healthcare degrees are within reach of adult learners

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Adults who consider pursuing a Healthcare Science, RN to BSN or Behavioral Health degree face a lot of challenges. Luckily, most of those challenges are self-imposed.

“I’m too old to learn,” some adult learners find themselves saying. “There’s no evidence that older students can’t learn as well as younger ones. In fact, some people believe that older students are more capable of learning because they often have better focus and more specific personal goals,” according to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

I won’t fit in with RN to BSN students? That’s not true either. About 43 percent of students in college are older than 25, and the average age of today’s nursing student is 43.

Judy McDaniel, RN, MSN, Program Coordinator for Educational Initiatives at wrote a thought-provoking piece on adult learners in which she highlights the advantages that come with age.

“I was older, had more experience and a stronger drive to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. No longer did I struggle with time management, or lack empathy to help someone through a stressful situation,” writes McDaniel regarding returning for both her BS and MSN.

Other concerns adult students face include how to fit a healthcare degree program into busy schedules and program costs. Adult education programs are intentionally flexible and affordable, tailored to needs of busy professionals.

Whatever their individual challenges, adult learners are advancing their careers all over the country as well as in eastern Pennsylvania. Take a look at some recent graduates from Reading Hospital in West Reading, Pa.

Alvernia’s RN to BSN, Behavioral Health and Healthcare Science degree programs build on the skills adult students already have and prepare them for the next steps in successful healthcare careers.

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