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Berks County healthcare openings outpace local and national employment stats

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Reading’s employment numbers are mostly in line with national numbers, showing steady and gradual improvement. But despite the modest gains in most industries, jobs in the healthcare sphere are in both supply and demand in Reading, Berks County and nationally. In fact, seven out of 21 of the top occupations with the largest job growth are healthcare-related fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In Reading, healthcare job openings are at record highs. “Employment in wholesale trade, health care and social assistance, and leisure and hospitality were all at record levels, the state reported. Retail trade and health care and social assistance saw significant increases over the year, each up 1,000 jobs or more,” according to the Eagle.

This boom in nursing, home health aid and childcare fields gives Alvernia Healthcare Science, RN to BSN and Behavioral Health degree graduates a variety of pathways toward full-time employment not only in Berks county but all over the country.

Nationally, the demand for workers within the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 3 million to about 13.1 million by the end of the decade, up from slightly more than 10.1 million in 2010, according to Aol jobs.

According to a study by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, job openings will grow faster in healthcare than in all other industries in 46 out of 50 states and in the District of Columbia, with the fastest growth in Georgia (38 percent) and Utah (38 percent).

Maybe more interesting than healthcare’s explosive growth is the field’s resilience during economic downturns.

“Healthcare is adding several hundred thousand jobs a year regardless of what’s going on in the broader economy, but when the broader economy hits a tailspin, then that healthcare jobs growth stands out that much more,” said Dan Diamond, the managing editor of the Advisory Board’s Daily Briefing.

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